Sunday, June 9, 2013


I have decided to make this blog as a way to discuss topical music news. I find that I spend most of my time reading music blogs, music mags, and stalking bands so I figure there must be other like-minded music lovers out there to share my obsession with. I grew up listening to classic rock and 90s grunge and consider Jack White to be my musical hero. Although I have a preference to awesome rock music, I make an effort to try and listen and appreciate all genres because every great musical work is inspired by other musical works and there will be no genre left behind! I am student at Belmont University in Nashville studying Music Business and I hope to one day actually get paid for my musical opinion. Alright so I’m hoping to make this like a community of people with awesome musical tastes and opinions, so feel free to comment and put your opinion on here. This page formerly used to be on Tumblr ( but I've decided to move it off that site because it was linked with my personal page and I wanted to keep that with that being said...LETS GET ROCKIN.